Hog Watts 2022

31st August - 11th September

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Our Famous Immersive

Dinner Experience

Friday 2nd September

Saturday 3rd September

Friday 9th September

Saturday 10th September

Our Famous Immersive Lunch


Friday 2nd September 

Saturday 3rd September

Sunday 4th September

Saturday 10th September

Sunday 11th September

Hog Watts

Cocktails + Potions

Thursday 1st September

Thursday 8th September

Wednesday 31st August

Wednesday 7th September

Hog Watts Trivia!

Thursday 1st September

Thursday 8th September

Hog Watts

Murder Mystery

Our Famous Hog Watts Immersive Dinner Experience Returns!  Join us in the Main Hall for an evening of theatrical parody, fun and laughter. 

Enjoy a 2 course main and dessert feasting wonder!


7pm till Late


VIP - $160 pp 

Arrive at 6pm for a Welcome Cocktail or Mocktail, enjoy the photo-booth and meet the characters! Be seated right at the front and enjoy early entry and an additional course. Take home a souvenir mug!

Our Famous Hog Watts Immersive Lunch Experience Returns! Join us in the Main Hall for a afternoon of theatrical parody, fun and laughter.

Enjoy a 2 course lunch and dessert feasting wonder! Great for the family with family friendly meals.

Adults $70pp - Children $70pp

11am - 3pm


This Masterclass in Cocktail and Potion Making will be accompanied by a 3 course dinner. You'll learn tips and tricks to shake and make some delicious cocktails! This event will take place in the Alley if weather permits. $120pp Adults Only

7pm Till Late

Come and test your knowledge and skills in the magnificent Main Hall! Hosted by your favorite characters to bring this event to life! Bring your team and battle it out! Enjoy a Shared Feast Dinner with your team! FAMILY FRIENDLY

$85 for a Shared Feast and Game

6pm Till Late - (Show Starts 7.30pm)

You & your fellow suspects will be embroiled in a dastardly murder. Everyone will fight to establish their alibis to prove innocence, while solving the crime & discovering "Whodunnit".

Plenty of finger pointing, backstabbing, blackmail and unbridled skulduggery will ensue.


All guests are encouraged to dress up and get involved in a night of theatre, drinks and food. 


Shared Feast Dinner for your Group!

$85 for a Shared Feast and Show

6pm Till Late 

Show Starts 7.30pm

For large groups and private events outside of the dates above please email us

Hog Watts is an immersive dinner experience. Hog Watts is not authorised, sanctioned, licensed or endorsed by J.K Rowling, Warner Bros, or any person or company associated with the Harry Potter books, films or play. The Perfect Parody!